value offering customer profileInnovation - involve customers in product development

Have you ever asked yourself what differentiate successful products from mediocre ones? Successful products are much quicker accepted in the market and convince by outstanding values.

As a starting point for a development of a new product or service it is crucial to understand the customer pains and needs in detail.

When the apparent customer requirements are clear, unfortunately the development teams in many companies leave the customer ground and go back in splendid isolation to develop their own product concepts which will directly end in prototypes or even in final products.
Is this approach of concept ideation really appropriate to maximize the market acceptance and value for the customer? Has market orientation herewith not already been left halfway?

Companies that take market orientation seriously and not just as a modern promotional slogan, will actively search for customer proximity during the entire development process.

They will use and benefit from the interaction with customers and from their feedback. And this not only during the analysis of needs, but also in the later development stages.

But how can integration of customers look like during generation and assessment of ideas?

Ideas and concepts have to be consistently assessed from customers against their problem-solving character and value-adding performance. This check starts already after the brain storming of concept ideas. By generating non-functional samples (mock-ups) the conceptional ideas will become tangible and communicable. An immediate customer feedback allows rapid product adaption already in the conceptional stage. During the further optimization loops the direct customer feedback have to continue. Later on functional prototypes must tangibly and measurably prove in practical application the value offering regarding their problem-solving character and value-adding performance. Customers involved in the product development often are willing to support field trails or editorials.

As can easily be seen, there is a systematic method to develop successful products with high market acceptance and enhanced customer value.

I would be pleased, if I have aroused your interest now for in-depth customer integration during the development process. Contact me, to conduct an ideation workshop for your upcoming development project.