Technical Documentation - Lowcost approach vs safeguarding revenues?

Innovative companies must align their processes with the customer needs, develop new products in fast and efficient ways and use modern online promotion tools to cope with  todays market needs. But how to tackle the promotion and technical documentation of existing products?

Many industrial companies focus their marketing activities and promotional tools on the new and innovative products. Marketing Managers struggling with lean resources and tight budgets usually ask the question: „Do we really have to update the technical documentation of established products and services? How much additional sales will the company gain with this measure?“

Established products often are considered as Cash Cows and the costs for promotion and the technical documentation will be cut to a minimum.

Can we act so carless and neglect the bred-and-butter business?

The question of the Marketing Manager or the Product Manager should rather be: „How much do we lose, if we leave the market – due to outdated documentation - to competition?” or “How long can we prolong the product life cycle, if we strengthen the market position with an outstanding technical documentation?”

Transparent charts of the sales split and a clear product promotion roadmap will help the Marketing Manager and the Product Manager in this budget discussion.

But then it comes to execution. Often the Marketing Department is not able to generate technical documentation, as they do not have the technical competence. On the other hand the Product Management do not have sufficient resources to fulfil this task in a timely manner, as they are usually blocked with market launches for new products. In this execution-vacuum often a lot of time is wasted. In the following the obvious need for action is articulated from the sales department or even from customer side. But a quick fix is still out of sight.

The company runs the risk of leaving the market place and the customers to a competitor with descriptive technical documentation service.

External service providers can produce relief here, if they bring the technical competence and the in-depth marketing experience to generate a structured and target group oriented technical documentation. The rapid realisation and new inspiring concepts more than balance the costs for the external services.

In many cases a modern illustration of tangible arguments of customer gain creators in technical documents are more than welcome from customers and the sales department.

If your company/ association in the plastic/ piping system industry needs external service for generating/ updating technical documentation, I will support you in saving your resources and in a quick realisation.