In which category do your Product managers fall?

PM-TrainingAccording to statistics more than 95% of all Product Managers never conducted a training or a qualification in their discipline. Due to the missing knowhow often the strategic Product Management (PM) tasks are assumed too little and PM tools are homemade in time-consuming manner or even not used. Lacking focus and reactive execution of administrating PM tasks are the consequence. Beside the negative effect to the enterprise, this leads also to demotivation for the concerned Product Manager. More than a third of all Product Managers with missing training opportunities seriously consider a job change!

Hand on heart – look your Product Managers in to their eyes. In which category does your PMs belong to? Into the well-trained, ambitious and motivated 5% or into the 95% others?


Although company-strategic Product Management has an extremely important function – namely to define the product range for the future – many enterprises seam to underestimate the importance of well-trained Product Managers.

In Product Management – as in many other functions – the crystal-clear understanding of the job, the adherence of standardised processes and the efficient use of suitable tools has quite a high importance.

The task of a Product Manager – as a sub-entrepreneur for his product line – is to maximise the sustainable success (sales, margin and reputation). As a product-market-expert, he is proactively managing his products and services along the product life cycle.

Such an ambitious PM task often is quite demanding in timely manner and needs motivating impulses once in a while. With a qualification or training on the one hand side Junior-PMs can simply and quick be introduced into the subject, on the other hand the training offers even well experienced Product Managers the opportunity to review their own process get new inspiration and to relume enthusiasm.   

Qualifications and trainings in Product Management nowadays should not only convey theoretic knowhow and techniques, but should have a clear and practical orientation on the concerned product line/ on the concerned company and should establish a good preparatory work for the upcoming strategic tasks with efficient tools. Only under these conditions the company as well as the employee will sustainably benefit from the training.

Do you identify serious need for training, would you like to critically X-ray your PM processes or do you like to motivate and inspire your Product Managers? I would be happy to support you with a group training in stuctured PM-methodology or accompany one of your Product Managers in an individual coaching.