Reference cases - arouse interest in products

Tech Dok2In our stimulus-flooded society only a few contributions succeed in attracting the attention of the customer. Irrespective of the medium, only the really attractive and appealingly designed articles manage to overcome the 1 second hurdle of the decision to "read more". Why should a reference case in particular master this challenge?

Eye-catcher and structure

The viewer/reader has to be abducted from the usual design grid of the medium and attracted by a creative icon or a captivating photo.
After a short description of the background of the application and the concrete task for the project, the solution approach or the achieved improvements should already provide a second eye-catcher in the form of an easily understandable graphic or scheme.

Testimonials create credibility

The integration of product users (testimonials) from the industry helps to support the acceptance of the products and increases the credibility of the statements of the reference report. In addition, the reference user appreciates the advertising for his company and strengthens customer loyalty to this testimonial. Concrete application photos additionally create a better commonality with the customer target group in the industry.

Making customer benefits measurable

In the end, the results are decisive. Now it is time to highlight the solutions and improvements in the reference project in a way that is understandable and tangible for all those involved. However, focus on only one target group per reference report if possible. What has particularly inspired customer satisfaction? Which initial expectations led to positive results for the customer?

Brevity is the key - only short and interesting reports with illustrations are read. Publish your reference reports on your own website and distribute them via a link in social media. That way you will get new visitors on your website.

I look forward to your comments or contact me directly, if I can support you in reference cases or technical report/ publications.