The following technical reports provide sultions for problems, occuring quite common in industrial companies.

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value offering customer profileInnovation - involve customers in product development

Have you ever asked yourself what differentiate successful products from mediocre ones? Successful products are much quicker accepted in the market and convince by outstanding values.

As a starting point for a development of a new product or service it is crucial to understand the customer pains and needs in detail.

When the apparent customer requirements are clear, unfortunately the development teams in many companies leave the customer ground and go back in splendid isolation to develop their own product concepts which will directly end in prototypes or even in final products.
Is this approach of concept ideation really appropriate to maximize the market acceptance and value for the customer? Has market orientation herewith not already been left halfway?

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Intensified market segmentation – gaining more satisfied customers and long-term success

Market segmentation
In the booming last decades many Industrial companies gained a vendors’s tray full of products and a variety of customer groups. In many cases the former decision was probably right to provide dedicated products to certain customers. But does this former decision still hold up with today’s long-term strategy of the company?

Many industrial companies have just divided their sales revenues into different customer groups and call it “market segmentation”. But does this fiscal market segmentation really add value to the company?

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In which category do your Product managers fall?

PM-TrainingAccording to statistics more than 95% of all Product Managers never conducted a training or a qualification in their discipline. Due to the missing knowhow often the strategic Product Management (PM) tasks are assumed too little and PM tools are homemade in time-consuming manner or even not used. Lacking focus and reactive execution of administrating PM tasks are the consequence. Beside the negative effect to the enterprise, this leads also to demotivation for the concerned Product Manager. More than a third of all Product Managers with missing training opportunities seriously consider a job change!

Hand on heart – look your Product Managers in to their eyes. In which category does your PMs belong to? Into the well-trained, ambitious and motivated 5% or into the 95% others?

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True customer proximity makes the difference in Product Innovation

Why are companies like Apple, Google, Tesla or Samsung so successful and innovative? They do not enquire the needs from their own sales forces, but they earnestly ask their customers. Further they are verifying the value of their development results not only with test in their own labs, but also conduct several field testing with customers and in the market.

To achieve sustainable growth in the hard-fought markets, it is not sufficient in the world wide destructive competition only to own today successful products and services in a defined market segment and within a target customer group. Markets, competitors and the consumption behaviour of customers will be under rapid and steady change in the future. As a result, a couple of European corporations are focusing in enhanced development of innovative premium goods.

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