The following technical reports provide sultions for problems, occuring quite common in industrial companies.

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Reference cases - arouse interest in products

Tech Dok2In our stimulus-flooded society only a few contributions succeed in attracting the attention of the customer. Irrespective of the medium, only the really attractive and appealingly designed articles manage to overcome the 1 second hurdle of the decision to "read more". Why should a reference case in particular master this challenge?

Eye-catcher and structure

The viewer/reader has to be abducted from the usual design grid of the medium and attracted by a creative icon or a captivating photo.
After a short description of the background of the application and the concrete task for the project, the solution approach or the achieved improvements should already provide a second eye-catcher in the form of an easily understandable graphic or scheme.

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Product Launch - Key Elements

Approximately 75% of the new product launches in the capital goods industry fail!
What are the causes that even technically sophisticated products are not successful in the market? What key elements should be considered at the time of market introduction?

Product Launch - Key elementsWhy product launches fail

Lack of research on actual customer needs or customer expectations (tasks, pains, gains) and inadequate market analysis (market segment / target group, structure, potential, price level, competition) are two of the main causes of failed launches and these errors are due to lack of care or insufficient focus already committed at an early stage of the innovation process.
Further causes are misjudgements in the development effort or the implementation in production. Furthermore, disproportionate marketing budget and poor timing are additional reasons for failure.

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Services - successful through customer orientation and business model

80% of industrial companies believe they offer great services, but only 8% of customers agree.

The trend to offer smart services - apart from hardware products - has also reached traditional industrial companies. Unfortunately, many companies are trying to transfer the same business models and requirement processes that they have been using in the market for their hardware products linearly to the new service offerings. However, many service projects fail with this approach due to lack of customer interest or due to high costs and low returns.

The keys to a successful service offering are customer- and need-oriented processes (CX, UX), meaningful integration of modern technologies, as well as creative business models that are tailored to these services.

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Junior PM - challenged or overburdened?

Junior PM Individual CoachingDiversified tasks, extensive product responsibility and profit affecting results makes the job as a Product Manager quite attractive. But how will an ambitious Junior PM manage to quickly and efficient become acquainted with this challenging job? Beside the introduction into new products and markets, he has to train himself in PM methodology and the corresponding tools. Often processes and tools in Product management are even not installed or reduced to a minimum. Make things worse, resource shortage and time pressure in most of the companies disallow any support within the department by experienced PMs or by the superior. Quickly the interesting challenge as Product Manager can become either an overburden due to missing basics and know-how or can drift off into technical or logistical noble administration.
What should superior and Junior-PM commonly do, to avoid such a dilemma?

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Technical Documentation – Differenciation via useful online-service

For industrial Companies technical documentation raises several questions:
«In which areas of the pre- or aftersales phase can technical documentation offer a benefit to the customer? How can you differentiate yourself through useful documentation? What additional benefit can an up-to-date technical documentation offer? »

In the competitive market environment, many industrial companies for capital goods recognize that differentiation through the pure core product is becoming increasingly difficult. Performance differentiation nowadays takes place more and more due to the offered service package. In addition to service paid by the customer also supporting services in the form of up-to-date technical documentation ensure the success of established products in the market. The importance and benefits of the free of charge documentation services are underestimated in many companies.


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How to fill the strategic gap?

StrategyAspiring revenue targets for the coming years are nowadays easily set. But how to close the gap between the entrepreneurial vision and the actual organic sales progression? Key for success is a strategic planning, which is focused on few considerable cornerstones and a consequent, but market-oriented realization.

Strategic planning

Visionary goals are necessary and important for a company’s development. To build a bridge between current status and desired target, the so-called GAP-Analysis is commonly used.

GAP Strategy

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Product Launch – Promotional Efficiency

When approx. 75% of product launches fail, what are the causes that even technically sophisticated products are not successful in the market?
How to achieve an efficient promotion at the product launch?

Handy message with tangible value proposition

life cycle during product useGood market knowledge makes it possible to simply derive tangible arguments for product benefit. However, this must now be converted into a handy and striking advertising message in a language that is understandable to the target group. It is important that the entire life cycle during product usage is considered and that the arguments focus on the touch points of the respective target group within the customer journey.

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Technical Documentation - Lowcost approach vs safeguarding revenues?

Innovative companies must align their processes with the customer needs, develop new products in fast and efficient ways and use modern online promotion tools to cope with  todays market needs. But how to tackle the promotion and technical documentation of existing products?

Many industrial companies focus their marketing activities and promotional tools on the new and innovative products. Marketing Managers struggling with lean resources and tight budgets usually ask the question: „Do we really have to update the technical documentation of established products and services? How much additional sales will the company gain with this measure?“

Established products often are considered as Cash Cows and the costs for promotion and the technical documentation will be cut to a minimum.

Can we act so carless and neglect the bred-and-butter business?

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